About AnnaBela Artistry | Who We Are

 the story

I’m a stay at home mom for my “miracle” girl.  I’m passionate about my daughter, my hubby, my rescue dogs, crochet, knitting, jewelry making, drawing and baking yummy treats.  Besides my crafts, I also write a  blog called “Chits and Chats….about this and that“.

When I started AnnaBela Artistry, it was a combination jewelry and crochet business.  It has, since then, evolved into a crochet and knitting business.  Although I do miss making beautiful jewelry, I am enjoying focusing on creating loveable, huggable creations with yarn!

Our family business is made up of a husband, a wife, a daughter, our rescue dogs and our doggie angels.

The Staff:

Robert is the hubby/owner/financier/public relations/accountant.

I’m Anna, the creative designer, maker, crafter, blogger, photographer, marketer, advertiser, shipper/handler, data entry, social networker and all around “jack of all trades” for AnnaBela Artistry.

Isabela “Izzy” Rayne is our inspiration, product approval and model of our children’s wear.

Kylie, our female Shih Tzu rescue, is in charge of Securities and Small Pet Wear Model.

red and blue dog clothes sweater

Dudley, our male Shih Tzu/Poodle mix rescue, is in charge of Waste Management and Medium-Large Pet Wear Model.

Jethro, aka Big Jet our Shih Tzu rescue, is in charge of Quality Control and Medium Pet Wear Model.

And last but certainly not least, our doggie angels:  Quigley, Chuwie, Quinn and Cordelia, in charge of watching over us from Doggie Heaven.